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Q:Why can't I eat or drink before my surgery?
A:Having food or liquids in your stomach increases the chances of vomiting during or after surgery which can then be inhaled into your lungs causing pneumonia or even death. These things include water, chewing gum or tobacco, candy, formula or breast milk.

Q:What kind of surgeries can be done at SDSC?
A:Your Surgeon will decide if your surgery is appropriate to be performed at SDSC.
    Some of the common surgeries are: Ear/Nose/Throat, Gynecological, Plastic and reconstructive procedures,
    some abdominal procedures, Eyes, Orthopedic, Dental, Breast procedures including minimally-invasive breast biopsies.

Q:Do I need to prepare the surgery site prior to arriving at SDSC?
A:No. Any preparation will be done at the facility unless otherwise ordered by your surgeon. This includes shaving or scrubbing the site.

Q:Why do I need to have someone to take me home and stay with me after surgery?
A:After anesthesia normal responses and reaction times may be altered. For these reasons, your SDSC anesthesiologist prohibits you from driving and requires a friend or relative to stay with you for 24 hours. They will then be able to assist you with your cares and to seek help if problems should arise after you get home.

Q:How do I let SDSC know about any past medical problems or medications that I am taking?
A:A nurse from SDSC will contact you prior to your surgery day and ask about your medical history. She will ask for the names of medications that you take on a regular basis. Please have a list of these medications, the dosages and the names of medications that you may be allergic to. Please inform the nurse if you have an allergy to latex products. The nurse will instruct you at that time what medications to take on the day of surgery and what medications to stop.
    If we are unable to reach you for this information, a message may be left asking you to return our call. SDSC is staffed with nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

Q:What should I wear to SDSC the day of surgery?
A:We ask that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, such as sweat pants. We do ask that you remove all jewelry and body piercings prior to coming to SDSC and leave them at home. We ask that these be removed for your safety during the surgery.

Q:What should I bring to SDSC the day of surgery?
A:We ask that you bring your insurance card and information, your I.D. card, and any legal guardian papers if appropriate. If your child is having surgery, we also encourage you to bring their favorite blanket, toy or pacifier and sippy cup or bottle if appropriate.

Q:Can I see my child or relative before surgery? How long after surgery before I can see them?
A:You will be able to stay with your child or relative until the time that they are taken to the surgery room. You will then be able to rejoin them immediately after they are brought from the recovery room. The length of time away from the patient will vary according to the type of surgery and how quickly they wake up from the anesthetic. We require that a parent remain in the facility the entire time that your minor child is here.

Q:What if I need to stay overnight?
A:SDSC has facilities to comfortably accommodate up to six patients overnight in private rooms with no more than three patients per nurse. Your doctor will decide your length of stay depending on the procedure performed.
    If there is the possibility that you will be staying overnight, please feel free to bring your own toiletries, pillows, home medications, robe and slippers. These items are available at SDSC if needed.

Q:When can my family visit if I do stay overnight?
A:Visiting hours are very flexible at SDSC. We do request that families keep in mind that you are here to rest and recuperate and we ask that they use good judgment.

Q:What can I expect after I wake up from surgery and when will I be able to go home?
A:When you are taken to your post-operative room from recovery, you will usually be allowed to eat and drink something right away. When you are tolerating this without problems, we will start you on your oral pain medication if ordered. The time that you will remain in this area will vary with each individual and type of surgery.
    If your doctor writes you a prescription, this will need to be filled at your pharmacy of choice. Any return appointments required by your doctor will be scheduled prior to your discharge and instructions as to when to call your doctor will be provided. Remember SDSC staffs nurses 24 hours a day to answer your questions as they may arise. You can call our staff at 605-755-9900.

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